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The Making of Howe's Transcendental Toybox
David J Howe explains how his research work turned into this extensive guidebook.
Intermission - A Very Special Tenth
Roger Anderson remembers the Tenth Anniversary of Doctor Who.
John Cura - Photographer of the Lost Archive
Richard Bignell uncovers the history of a man many fans have heard of, but know very little about and
looks at why we owe him so much.

Out of the Vaults Revisited!
Richard Molesworth and Mark Parmerter update the articles from DWM and look at some of the recent discoveries of clips and episodes.
Doctor Who Reconstructed
The BBC's Michael Stevens discusses the details behind the MP3-CD release of The Power of the Daleks.
Carbon Copies
Derek Handley examined the differences between the Loose Cannon reconstructions of Marco Polo and
Day of Armageddon compared with the recently recoveries from the episodes.

Intermission - The Daleks' Master Plan
Richard Landen remembers this twelve part epic.
No Further Interest
Andrew Pixley looks at how the original videotape recordings were junked in the 1960s and 70s.
Withdrawn, De-Accessioned and Junked
Richard Bignell looks at the BBC documentation related to the junking of the 16mm telerecordings during
the 1970s.

Dr. Who Meets the Wizard of Enterprises
A light-hearted look at how the junkings were stopped by Robert Franks and Jeff Ovik.
Eight Millimetre
Richard Bignell looks at how Doctor Who has been preserved on 8mm cine film.
Intermission - The Most Wonderful Things Glow from Within
Nick Seidler recalls happy hours watching fuzzy fan copies of old episodes.
Film & Video Reference: Seasons 4-6
Robert Franks and Matt Dale outline the archive status of footage for Seasons 4-6.
Colouring the Past
Stuart Humphryes brings the tele-snaps to life with a splash of colour.
Issue One - Sold Out
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Also available as part of the Omnibus edition

Doctor Who's Golden Age
Stephen James Walker takes a close look at the 1960s and tries to nail down why this may have been
Doctor Who's golden age.

"I Know London And It Isn't Like This..."
Richard Bignell reveals how he managed to track down some of the more elusive filming locations.
Intermission - The Invasion
David J Howe reflects on why The Invasion has long been a favourite of his.
What's Wrong With the TV? The Pictures Aren't Moving!
Bruce Robinson interviews several fans and comes to some interesting conclusions about the fan-made reconstructions of the missing episodes.
British TV - A Potted History
David P May gives us a brief overview of the development of television in Britain during the last century.
Silent Witnesses
Andrew Pixley looks at what we can learn from the Doctor Who scripts, including many missing scenes.
Intermission - The Enemy of the World
Bruce Robinson explains why his opinion of The Enemy of the World had changed over the years.
Audio Dramas
How did we happen to have all the missing episodes available on audio? Bruce Robinson speaks to the
people responsible.

Dr. Who is Required
In the early days of the internet, many fans didn't know where to start, so Tobias Rogers tries to give
them a head start.

Film & Video Reference: Seasons 1-3
Robert Franks and Matt Dale outline the archive status of footage for Seasons 1-3.
Clearance Price!
Issue Four
An Unearthly Studio
As well as providing the first biographical article on the series original
production designer, Peter Brachacki, Philip Newman looks at back at the
original designs and studio layouts for An Unearthly Child and the decision
making process that went into putting the very first episode into the studio.

Are We The Daleks?
Published for the first time, we present a number of original and unused
concept sketches for the Daleks drawn by Ray Cusick's assistant designer,
Jeremy Davies whilst working on Serial B in 1963, along with his production
drawings showing how the creatures gradually developed their final form.

Trouble in Store
Unseen for many years, we reproduce the original storyline to Malcolm Hulke
and David Ellis' 1967 four-part story, The Big Store, whilst Andrew Pixley
looks at how this tale of bubonic plague and department stores morphed into
The Faceless Ones.

Going on the Record
Between 1965 and 1979, several attempts were made to convert Doctor Who
into a commercially available audio format. These ranged from adaptions of
existing television soundtracks to the creation of some brand new adventures.
Whilst some made it to the record shelves, others faded into obscurity...

Are You My Mummy?
Creature supervisor Dave Bonneywell takes us through his illustrated record
explaining the creation of The Foretold from Mummy on the Orient Express.

Bob's Fantasy Factory
Richard Molesworth looks at Robert Holmes' original script for Episode
13 of The Trial of a Time Lord, revealing a rather different illusionary
world inside the Matrix.

Regeneration? What Regeneration?
Recently discovered in Kit Pedler's personal archive, we take a look at
the original script for the final episode of The Tenth Planet, written
before the concept of regeneration was introduced into the series.

The Repositary of Incredible
We look at some of the surviving props, models and
storyboards from the series that have made their way into
various private collections.

My Dad...Mervyn Pinfield
We talk to Mike Pinfield, the son of the programme's first
associate producer, about his father's life and career.

  Barry Lett's secretary, Sarah Newman, reveals her memories of
working in the production office during the 1970s and how Spike Milligan
came to submit his own script entitled Captain Scarlet's Left Sock...
  We look at a little-known First Doctor unmade adventure featuring a
new enemy, the Daggits.
  Just what remains of the original unused recording of The Dead
  Just how did the missing TARDIS arrival scene in Terror of the Zygons
come to be found? We explain.
  Behind the scenes photographs from Fury from the Deep and The
Claws of Axos.
  And lots of other interesting stuff!


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Issue Three - Sold Out
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Journey into Time
An in-depth look at the aborted 1966/67 radio series starring Peter Cushing.
"Oh No You Shouldn't!"
A look at William Hartnell's appearance in the Puss in Boots pantomime over Christmas 1966/67.
Designing The Space Pirates
Nick Bullen reveals he original costume designs for The Space Pirates.
The Original Sarah Jane Smith
We reveal just what happened when actress April Walker was cast as Sarah Jane Smith in 1973.
The Living Planet
For the first time, we look at Alan Wakeman's unmade storyline written during the summer of 1963.
Hayles Storm
Fully reproduced for the first time, we look at ten unproduced storylines submitted by Brian Hayles
for the first four Doctors.

The Evil of the Daleks
Production designer Chris Thompson exclusively shares with us his unseen off-screen and on-set
photographs from this classic story.

On Location Photographs
We present a selection of previously unseen photographs from the location filming of The Smugglers,
The Enemy of the World and The Invasion.

Memory Lane
What happened to the three film Daleks given away as prizes in the 1965 TV Century 21 competition?
What exactly were the Mark 7 Daleks that the winners received in the 1972 Radio Times competition?

Fantastic Facts
Lost toys, tentacles and trivia from the worlds of Doctor Who.
Illuminating The Dark Dimension
For the first time, we uncover the truth about the cancelled 30th anniversary special
Lost in the Dark Dimension in our special 30-page feature.