Issue 3 PDF
09/06/2018 21:22
Today, we release the PDF version of Issue 3, in response to the many requests that people have made asking if the out-of-print title can be made in this format.
Lulu Deletes The Prison in Space Scriptbook
06/03/2017 09:09
Lulu has suddenly decided that it will no longer print and distribute The Prison in Space due to "questionable content". As part of this, they've also deleted my Lulu account. It can be contested, but it involves court orders and so on, so it will probably be best if I can find an alternative print-on-demand company so that the book can continue to be available.

It's worth pointing out at this point that both Farewell, Great Macedon Scriptbook and the Issue 1/2 Omnibus books are unaffected at this time as these are produced via a different Lulu account that Robert Franks set up many years ago.

Issue 4 Now Available!
24/10/2015 09:21
Here we are again and Issue 4 is finally available to buy! Please note that as last time, copies will despatched as soon as possible, but due to the huge amount of orders expected to come in over the first few days (if Issue 3 was anything to go by), it may take a couple of weeks before I can get to sending you your copy. I'll be doing them as fast as I can though and I'll keep everyone notified via this message board as to how the process is going. Your patience will be appreciated!
Postage Increases
30/04/2012 10:28
Unfortunately, Royal Mail have increased their postage prices as of today. The prices have risen around 30-40%, so sadly the postage costs for the magazine on the website have had to increase accordingly. Apologies.
SFX Magazine
07/03/2012 18:20
A nice mention for the magazine in the new issue of SFX this month. Now included on the reviews page.
09/02/2012 21:15
Double and treble Hurrah!!

Nearly four weeks from release and finally, all the orders made thus far have been despatched, so if you've ordered a copy, ypu should either have it by now or will do very soon.

Thanks to everyone for being so patient.

Nearly There!
07/02/2012 18:07
Now at order 1209, which means that there's about 120 left to go to get up to date. If you're still waiting for yours, it shouldn't be too long now.

A couple of people in America have found their envelopes turning up empty, shich I can only assume is down to either US Customs or the US Postal Service examining the contents and then losing them.

One Thousand and going...
01/02/2012 22:58
Now processed just over 1000 orders which takes me halfway through the orders placed on the 19th January.

All being well, everyones orders should be done by around the middle of next week.

29/01/2012 15:05
Just a quick update on the delivery situation.

After nearly two weeks, I've finally managed to complete all the orders from that first insane Monday, so now 805 have been sent on their way.

I've at least another 400+ to go to catch up, but I hope that I can do the majority of those over the course of this week.

Current Status
25/01/2012 18:50
Work continues apace to get the orders out as quickly as possible.

As of this evening, 606 orders have been fulfilled - that equates to the orders placed up to around 18:00 on that first Monday!

Just goes to show how quickly those orders came in!

Mad Week
21/01/2012 19:55
Well, what a mad week it's been!

For those of you still waiting for the copies that you've ordered, I've currently processed around 410 orders out of the 1100 that have come in thus far. In realistic terms that means that if you placed your order on or before about 10.30 last Monday morning, I've sent yours out, or I'm in the process of doing so.

It's a one-man operation, but I'm getting through them as quickly as I can.

The comments I've had back thus far have been wonderful, so I'm really pleased that so many people have enjoyed the contents.

And the Packing Goes On...
18/01/2012 20:22
Of nearly 1000 orders since Monday, about a quarter have now been packed and posted out. I'm working hard every day to get them all out as quickly as possible, and I'm doing them according to the order they came in. First in - first out.

So that means that if you placed your order by around 08:30 on Monday morning, yours will have been sent out. Another batch of around 60-70 will be processed tomorrow.

Patience is a virtue, so they say!

17/01/2012 01:07
Since opening up the ordering, I've had over 750 orders come through for Issue 3.

Thank you all for your support, but it may well take longer than expected to get them all out. The first 50 orders went today and I'll be cracking on with more tomorrow, but your patience really will be greatly appreciated!

Goodness Me!
16/01/2012 08:35
A big thanks to everyone who has ordered thus far. The amount of orders pouring into my inbox is mental. About 10% of the stock has gone since the ordering opened up at midnight, just eight hours ago.

It's going to take a little while to get everything packaged up and sent out, so do bear with me. I'll get your orders out to you as quickly as I can!

Issue #3 Orders Now Open
15/01/2012 18:19
Welcome everyone. The order page for Issue #3 is now OPEN!