Issue 1
Now Available as a PDF Edition

At the request of many readers, Issue 1, which sold out of its original print-run
many years ago, is now being made available again as a 64-page PDF edition,
scanned and restored from an original edition of the magazine.

The 70Mb file will be sent to you via a WeTransfer link that will be sent to the
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Doctor Who's Golden Age
Stephen James Walker takes a close look at the 1960s and tries to nail down why this may
have been Doctor Who's golden age.
"I Know London And It Isn't Like This..."
Richard Bignell reveals how he managed to track down some of the more elusive filming
Intermission - The Invasion
David J Howe reflects on why The Invasion has long been a favourite of his.
What's Wrong With the TV? The Pictures Aren't Moving!
Bruce Robinson interviews several fans and comes to some interesting conclusions about the
fan-made reconstructions of the missing episodes.
British TV - A Potted History
David P May gives us a brief overview of the development of television in Britain during the
last century.
Silent Witnesses
Andrew Pixley looks at what we can learn from the Doctor Who scripts, including many missing
Intermission - The Enemy of the World
Bruce Robinson explains why his opinion of The Enemy of the World had changed over the
Audio Dramas
How did we happen to have all the missing episodes available on audio? Bruce Robinson
speaks to the people responsible.
Dr. Who is Required
In the early days of the internet, many fans didn't know where to start, so Tobias Rogers
tries to givethem a head start.
Film & Video Reference: Seasons 1-3
Robert Franks and Matt Dale outline the archive status of footage for Seasons 1-3.
(July 1999)