"You leave this to me. There's a special technique required to handling women..."

The Doctor

When the TARDIS arrives outside the gates of Babylon the Doctor and his friends find themselves in the presence of Alexander the Great. But there is treachery at work as generals plot to overthrow the king and his men. When the travellers stand accused the Doctor and Ian must face trials while still trying to uncover the real murderers.

Nothing at the End of the Lane is proud to present Farewell Great Macedon, one of the earliest examples of an unused script from Doctor Who's very first season. Written in 1964 by then young writer Moris Farhi, the tale shows many of the hallmarks of the first season of the fledgling science-fiction series while also including many suggestions for other ways the show might have developed. Now you can enjoy this glimpse into those early formative years.
258 pages, A4-sized paperback,
black and white interior with full-colour cover.
This volume reproduces the actual scripts and is rounded off with a forwarding article looking at the history of Moris' involvement with the production office and how the scripts came to be written as well as background on the real historical figures and reviews from several Doctor Who historians, plus a special edition of Doctor Who Magazine's Time Team.

Included is a bonus opening script for another early submission from Moris Farhi - The Fragile Yellow Arc of Fragrance, which was produced as a test piece to show his capability as a potential writer for the series along with a brief history of Moris' distinguished career as an actor, scriptwriter and author.

Moris Farhi
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PDF Edition
When the TARDIS lands on the rooftop garden belonging to Chairman  
Babs, the travellers find themselves on a planet ruled by women.  
Tried and condemned to serve a sentence on an orbiting space  
station, the Doctor and Jamie must use their ingenuity to break free  
and rescue Zoe, who has been conditioned to unquestioningly accept  
the rule of Chairman Babs.

This second Nothing at the End of the Lane scriptbook reproduces  
both the original storyline and the four scripts written by Dick  
Sharples for the 1968 lost story, The Prison in Space. The 271-page  
volume also includes a look at the background to the story's creation,  
along with reviews of the adventure, a special edition of Doctor Who  
Magazine's original Time Team as well as an overview of Patrick  
Troughton's turbulant final series as the Doctor.

Also included is a unique look at Brian Hayles' original storylines for  
the abandoned Ice Warrior story that would have originally followed  
The Prison in Space - The Lords of the Red Planet, along with new  
artwork from Jason Fletcher, Westley Smith and Adrian Salmon.
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