Welcome to the new home of Nothing at the End of the
Lane - the Magazine of Doctor Who Research and Restoration.

From its first transmission in November 1963, Doctor Who,
probably more than any other programme, has charted the
development and history of British television for 50 years. With a
format that always puts constant demands on the ingenuity and
inventiveness on all the production teams involved, the
programme has often been in the forefront in the use of new
techniques and technologies. From its early days in the small,
cramped studios at Lime Grove through to its current home at
the Roath Lock complex in Cardiff, the history of Doctor Who
reflects how television as a medium has grown and developed
over the past five decades.

Nothing at the End of the Lane is a magazine which focuses
on the story behind and beyond the making of Doctor Who,
looking not only at the programme's production but also at its
subsequent distribution, archiving, marketing and so on.

The magazine prides itself on being as accurate as possible,
doing so by going back to the primary sources of information -
speaking directly with the people involved with the making of the
programme as well as locating and researching any original
production materials that have survived over the years.
Editor: Richard Bignell - Click to Email
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Due to demand, Issues 1, 2 & 3
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Nothing at the End of the Lane Issue Four
"The amount of content within the magazine is staggering and I can't recommend this highly enough!"
"The research revealed in this edition is remarkable, and even just a glance through it overturns lots of preconceptions."
"Itís wonderful, and incredible - a work of art and of scrupulous investigation!"
"Jaw-dropping. In fact, I think it needs to be nominated for some awards next year - the BSFA awards at the very least!"
"The best Doctor Who magazine around, hands down!"
It's dripping with love for the old series and has a nostalgic glow emanating from every page.
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Nothing at the End of the Lane is an amateur magazine produced solely for the entertainment and enjoyment of Doctor Who fans.
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